A dead site

I was doing some research on federal grants for cultural organizations and went to look at some sites that had been funded between $20 - $50,000.  Some were okay, many were out-of-date (lack of blog technology) and one came up like this.  It's supposed to be Awaken100.com and is described as follows: "A contemporary Aboriginal arts and culture Web site and an e-zine resulted from this project. The site presents opportunities for emerging aboriginal artists and performers to build their portfolios and their audiences. The site features galleries of works by invited artists, Web logs, information about resource people, and artist résumés. It is also a place for Web-based art practice, where commissioned artists can create Web-specific works to be featured on the site in contemporary virtual exhibitions. Awake.com features a quarterly aboriginal arts and culture e-zine with events, ideas, networks and resources."  Unfortunately, it's now a dead site whose domain name has expired... maybe it will come back someday!