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Friday afternoon... sun shining... pug on my lap.

What a life!

Hawaii Trip Planner

Okay, I want to go to Hawaii. Not sure why, just need a vacation. And I'd really like to go right after Christmas.

So to help plan my fantasy trip, Harmony Airways is there to give me a virtual hand. And you too, if you want! Just check out Hawaii Trip Planner -- and plan your ultimate Hawaii getaway. Daydreaming is always a good mid-day break.

CFL game webcasts rock!

So on Sunday my team the Saskatchewan Roughriders were playing the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the sold-out Labour Day Classic at Taylor Field. Unfortunately, the CBC was not carrying this game on TV. However, I was delighted to learn that the CFL at has started to offer webcasts of all the games! Not a bad way to watch a game if you have a decent connection and a larger monitor. And it's even better if your team wins 39 - 12!

Getting someone else fired!

So, you're a sports fan. And your team can't cut the mustard. You've been cheering, buying the merchandise, attending the games. Nothing helps.

Why not fire the coach? An anonymous gentleman at has obtained over 30 fire the coach domain names and will happily sell one to you! Of course, they're mostly American university football teams. Think of the opportunities just waiting in other countries and other sports!

Ah, the Internet. Now you can publicly lobby to get someone else fired. What fun!

CBC called this morning

So, this morning I read an article about heavy internet users on the Globe and Mail site.

Then, 10 minutes later Chris Brown from the CBC called to talk to Shane and see if he was a "heavy Internet user"... I explained our life in a computer nutshell and he decided to come interview us for The National.

We said okay -- and we have no idea what it's gonna look like.

Catch it tonight on Canada's public broadcaster - the CBC!

The CUTEST pug shot

You gotta go to Cute Overload. Okay. I admit. I'm a pug fanatic. However, I didn't actually find this - a friend sent it to me on Messenger.

Made in BC

Hi - I'm hanging with Robyn. She rocks. Robyn runs this program called Made In BC which sets up dance tours throughout the province...


My uber-nerd boyfriend has started a Flickr feed of our new pug puppy, Serendipity. It's at Flickr -- YAY!