Okay, I admit.  I'm hooked.  I've always been into sci-fi and fantasy -- and the cancelled Firefly tv series is some of the best screen sci-fi that's ever been.  That's why it's a goram shame that Fox mucked up the series and then took it off the air.  So for us lonely Firefly fans (aka Browncoats), the movie Serenity is a true gift.  I just feel sorry for everyone who saw the film without seeing the first season on DVD -- it's the characters and their relationships that MAKE the movie great.  So get out there -- rent Firefly, watch it and then run to see Serenity!  (And if you miss it in the theatres, Serenity will be out on DVD before Christmas... and I guarantee it make you or your favourite geek happy under the tree.)

Tech Geek Home

Tonight I went to a meeting with about two dozen tech geeks.  My uber-nerd sent me to represent our new company all by myself!  We talked about setting up an office/workspace/common area for tech start-ups and consultants in downtown.  I thought the most interesting part was that one tech god mentioned the need to include people from other disciplines and sectors.  I agree... as a baby geek, I know that uber geeks SOMETIMES get a little (lot) inward-looking.  Power to sharing knowledge, I say!

So many uber-nerds in one place!

Today, I was running errands with my N-Man.  He took me to the offices of a certain tech start-up and I counted six uber-nerds plus mine for a total of SEVEN!  It was quite something.  I worked very hard to keep up with the conversation but they lost me with Jabber, a new protocol that connects IM programs.  I guess I have some websurfing and reading to do...


 Do you know what VTiger is?  I do.  It's this web application CRM system designed to drive me batty.  My Uber-Nerd insists that it is the greatest thing ever.  I do not believe him.  It is NOT intuitive.  It is NOT simple to use.  Give me evil MS Outlook any day and twice on Sunday.

Poufy Fish

I think that there are definitely GOOD things about having an uber-geek as a boyfriend.  See, I really really like the Puffer Fish in the new Telus ad (even though Telus is still evil for taking away my Internet and renaming Scienceworld into Telusphere) and I call them the Poufy Fish.  So my N-Man made me a new desktop with pictures of Puffer Fish.  Not a bad deal at all.


I have been offline for 5 whole days.  It was rough.  My ISP crossed my phone line with somebody else's.  Our phones stopped working and hung up on callers.  More important -- no Internet.Due to this happening, I have now learned how to surf the wireless wave at two local cafes and spent a minor fortune on coffee and scones.   I did it all by myself!  Okay, the truth is, I had to call my N-Man for tech support.  However, it turned out that the reason my laptop wouldn't connect in the cafes was because he installed a "great" piece of software that didn't want to communicate with any non-friendly routers living outside our home.  See, I was doing everything right -- but I'm only a baby geek and I can't always understand the ways of the uber-geeks.

Guess who?

I thought you might want to meet my uber-geek.  His name is N-Man.  His mother bought him a Tandy 80 (a.k.a. Trash 80) from Radio Shack and the rest is history.  When I first met him, I had no idea that this man would bring me into the deep, dark world of techno-geekdom. 

My Uber-Geek

My Uber-Geek

Why this blog

So, I am finally starting a REAL blog.  Honest, I am.  Why, you may ask?  Well, cuz I have decided what I want to write about!  I want to write about being the grrlfriend of true, bona fide uber-geek.I know that some of you out there will understand. 

South Park Avatar

To make your own South Park avatar -- you can just go to  If you need help, call your boyfriend geek or his designer friends. Good luck!

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