Can Religion Trump Progress?

Today the Globe and Mail is reporting about a lawsuit.  One where a coalition of multifaith groups is trying to claim a Charter right to religious freedom.  Seems innocuous enough.  But here's where it gets interesting.  Their opponent is... Wal-mart.  The superstore is trying to build next door to a 240-hectare spiritual retreat run by Jesuits and used by many many faiths (including Roman Catholic, Anglican, Protestant, Buddhist, Hindu, Zen, Daoist and aboriginal traditions) who want the court to recognize silence, the night's darkness and the sanctity of nature as part of the Constitution's right to freedom of religion.  Wal-mart wants to build in Guelph, Ontario and has spent 10 years working on zoning, etc. Now, the corporation is offering to relocate lighting and loading docks and to build a barrier between the Jesuits' retreat and the development.  That's not enough for those who use the religious retreat -- and I think they are right.  A place without technology where we can go to be alone with nature is a real need in today's world.  Yet, progress marches on.

Theatre Terrific

I volunteer with a group called Theatre Terrific.  We are doing a FABULOUS show called Naked Oranges and you can learn more about it here.  Our performance is the world premiere production with our new troupe of disabled artists -- who are bringing a new perspective to theatre in Vancouver.  Who can argue with that?


Today I was playing with Google Translator.  I do speak French (un petit peu) and I decided to translate from English into French.   Much of it was fairly comprehensible -- with one notable exception.   For my recent Skype post, the translator said:  "Aujourd'hui j'ai rencontré quelqu'un habitant à Londres, Angleterre qui juste pourrait vouloir que je travaille sur un projet avec elle qui se produira ici à Vancouver, AVANT JÉSUS CHRIST!"  Nope, not quite right - that's Vancouver, BC not Vancouver, before Christ.  Close though.  Damn close.

A dead site

I was doing some research on federal grants for cultural organizations and went to look at some sites that had been funded between $20 - $50,000.  Some were okay, many were out-of-date (lack of blog technology) and one came up like this.  It's supposed to be and is described as follows: "A contemporary Aboriginal arts and culture Web site and an e-zine resulted from this project. The site presents opportunities for emerging aboriginal artists and performers to build their portfolios and their audiences. The site features galleries of works by invited artists, Web logs, information about resource people, and artist résumés. It is also a place for Web-based art practice, where commissioned artists can create Web-specific works to be featured on the site in contemporary virtual exhibitions. features a quarterly aboriginal arts and culture e-zine with events, ideas, networks and resources."  Unfortunately, it's now a dead site whose domain name has expired... maybe it will come back someday!

Look mom no hands

I'm showing off my Drupal site... yay for me!


Guess what? Today I met with someone living in London, England who just might want me to work on a project with her that will happen here in Vancouver, BC!  We talked and I mentioned that we could try to keep in touch by using Skype -- the free Internet telephone service. Excellent baby geek girl work if I do say so myself.

Geeking Out

I realized over the holidays that my geek abilities are growing by the day.  At home, I singlehandedly coaxed my parents into getting my baby sister a proper chair and an ergonomic keyboard.  I also spread the word about Firefly -- creating many new converts.  I received cool new IPod accessories from my uber-geek boyfriend (a case, a FM transmitter and a car charger). And most importantly, I drooled over all the Boxing Day electronic sales. 

Reading the Globe and Mail Online

Today is the best Globe and Mail day!!!  The secret trick I use to read all the "subscriber" locked-up content is working again!!!  And that's important because with the election starting I can use my newly developed geek abilities to keep on top of the election... all the gaffes that the Conservative MPs are making, all the promises that the Liberals intend to break when they get elected again, and the NDP initiatives that make you go hmm?!?!?  Yay for geekdom!

Blogging for Power

The Canadian federal election got called today.  I wonder how many politicians will have their own blogs? 

Geek Training

So, tonight it's about 10 am and I'd really like to watch the news.  However, I have geek training at my house.  My uber-nerd is teaching another nerd how to use Drupal and create websites.  Currently they are discussing Tintin and Dungeons & Dragons (with pictures of a trip to France thrown in).  On the upside, the geek-in-training lends us cool DVDs -- today he brought us Six Feet Under (1st season).  I hope he leaves soon so I can watch the first show... 

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